Find people sharing your interests, skills or profession and change Europe and the world starting from your own neighbourhood!

Why PowerCrowd?

Everyday we see things that we wish were different. Sometimes we sign a petition or we share something on social media but often we don’t take further action because we lack a critical mass of people sharing our views.

From here stems the idea of a platform that automatically connects citizens on the basis of their interests, skills, profession, organisation or location and allows them to act at the most appropriate level, starting from your own neighbourhood! empowers people by bringing them together as “crowds” of like-minded individuals. Together, users are able to join an existing action or create a new action at the local, national, European or global level and become engines for change in their own communities.

What can you do with PowerCrowd?

As an individual you will be able to:

  • find like-minded people around you (sharing your interests, skills, profession and organisation);
  • find like-minded people across borders;
  • join an existing project/action;
  • launch a new project/action at the local/European or even global level;
  • find people with the right skills to start your new projects/actions;
  • develop hubs of activists in every city to the benefit of all organisations.

As an organisation you will be able to:


  • Showcase your actions to citizens near you in order to engage them further;
  • Showcase your actions to citizens sharing the interests and concerns of your organisations worldwide;
  • Network with other like-minded organisations, facilitate the exchange of good practices among organisations operating in the same field;
  • Turn a list of members (or the signatories of a petition) into teams of people organised per skills, interests and professions that can be mobilised for your campaigns according to their location;
  • Visualise your members on a map and communicate easily with them on the basis of their location, skills and interests;
  • Organise cross-border and multi-city campaigns.


Overall this platform contributes building a shared understanding of our challenges and interests, enables citizens’ participation and enhances our collective ability to shape our common future by facilitating cooperation across borders and organisations.

The platform is open to all citizens and organisations that commit to respect the principles outlined in the EU Charter of Fundamental rights, including democracy, equality, rule of law, respect for human dignity and human rights.


More questions? Check our FAQ section here.


The platform was conceived by Pietro De Matteis and presented at the Open Democracy Now Hackathon organised in Paris in 2016. It has been developed with ConteStyle Web Agency. Special thanks to Julia Aniśko for the logo.

All organisations and citizens are welcome to contribute to the developement of the platform to turn it into a pan-European and global tool for change empowering citizens to make change happen starting from the local level. If you want to provide your feedback or suggestion on the functioning of the platform check the “contacts” section!

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions asked by our clients and answered by the PowerCrowd team.



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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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